Magazine U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D

Spelled thusly for a double dose of pimpadelic wisdom.
For years I’ve had various 45 8 round magazines I used only for training, practice and matches. They worked OK with 230 gr. ball ammo, for a little while. When one would act up it got dropped into a spare parts box and I’d plan to deal with them later. This box recently became full and I decided to rehab some of the magazines. My usual assumption was that the puny spring weakened, but there have been some feed lip cracks.
Cracked feed lips or baseplates meant the mag got tossed. I wasn’t interested in saving springs or followers because I’ve grown sour on the entire concept of flush fit, 8-round 45 magazines.
A pile of Shooting Star and Colt magazines, newly improved with either Tripp Super-7 kits or GI followers and Wolff springs. Not shown are some Wilson 47Ds that received Checkmate followers and Wolff springs.
No more girly-man springs or tilt prone followers. No more stuffing 20 pounds of ‘taters in a 10 pound sack.
The Shooting Star + Tripp combo recently tested beautifully, feeding 230 gr. Gold Dots (a tricky bullet profile for 1911s) in a 40+ year old Colt.

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